Education Foundation Funds Glass Fusing 2016-2017

Take a look at our annual tradition of our 6th graders leaving their legacy at Big Bend Elementary. This year, they did glass fusing, with the help of our Mukwonago Area Public Schools Education Foundation grant and a generous donation from a BBES family.

Education Foundation Funds Culinary Skills Class

Food has a way of connecting people in an unusual way. Through similar tastes to unique cultural cuisine, food brings people together. Food also allows people to be innovative, and take pride in a creation they made, between creating a delectable dessert to lean and...

Education Foundation Funds Blue2 Percussion

Thanks to the Mukwonago Education Foundation, Mukwonago High School (MHS) is able to provide students with another chance to improve their musical talent beyond the marching band season during the first two months of school. “One of the reasons why we are running this...

Education Foundation Funds Outdoor Art Mural

Mrs. Marnie Phillips, the art teacher at Clarendon Elementary, has one goal as an art teacher:to build confidence in students so they are proud of the art they create. “I want them [kids] to feel pride and not be afraid to take risks so that they can create using a...

Support Achievement: Please Donate

Our community takes great pride in standing on its own two feet. Pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps. Standing tall as rugged individuals. Yet, when there’s an opportunity to be the best, this community pulls together to achieve more than others. It’s what makes Mukwonago a great place to live. Funding provided by the Education Foundation plays a role in keeping it that way.